Considering Solar? Learn The Basics

Evaluating whether or not solar energy is the right option can be a daunting task especially if you are just starting to research your energy options. This article will break things down into small sections to help you understand the basics of solar energy. When it comes to solar energy many homeowners consider the following:
-The cost of solar
-How much they can save by using solar
-How solar can help lock in their energy prices
-Whether their homes are appropriate for solar
To help such homeowners make an informed decision when considering solar energy, here are some of the things every homeowner should know regarding the 5 considerations we just listed:
-Solar makes economic sense
-Solar has helped many homeowners drastically lower their energy bills
-Solar will enable you to lock in the energy costs in the future
-Solar loans, leases, and PPAs make it possible for those interested in solar power to go solar with no money downConsidering Solar? Learn The Basics

Going Solar Will Help You Lock in Your Energy Prices   

Over this past decade, residential electricity prices in the United States of America have risen by an average of 57%! Considering this, it is a good idea to think of ways to lower your energy bills. Solar will help you lock in your energy costs and help you save money by helping you avoid significant energy costs.

Is Solar Ideal for Your Home?  

Some people think that solar is ideal only for homes in the Sunbelt. However, this is not true as solar is ideal for homes in many parts of the USA. The most important factors to consider include electricity prices in your area and roof factors like direction and shading.

Solar Financing Options

The fact that there are several solar financing options to choose from has made solar very affordable. These options include leases, loans, cash purchases, and PPAs. Zero down financing option is also now available for those who want to go solar and the good news is that it is available across the US.Considering Solar? Learn The Basics

How Do Solar Panels Work? 

Solar panels convert the rays of the sun into electricity by using photons of sunlight to excite electrons in silicon cells. Solar panel installation is often done quickly and efficiently by professionals. The solar panels once installed are often tied into the grid through the normal power lines.

How Does Solar to the People Work?

We were founded on the basis of helping homeowners find a solar provider easily. Solar to the People is a platform that enables homeowners to get multiple bids on solar panel installation from pre-screened installers. We can help you find the best solar providers in your area and offer a convenient way to get multiple quotes from these providers.

Environmental Benefits of Solar

One of the best things about solar is the fact that it is a renewable source of energy meaning that it will never run out. It is produced in such a way that no dangerous pollutants or greenhouse gases are created. And did you know that installing solar panels in your home is just like planting 6.8 acres of forest when it comes to environmental conservation?Considering Solar? Learn The Basics

Economic Benefits of Solar

Solar creates more jobs in America per unit of electricity produced than fossil fuels. In fact, it has made the US energy independent as the country no longer has to rely on imported fossil fuels.

Author: Will Robins