Common Signs Your Catalytic Converter is Starting to Fail


Catalytic converters are devices that help to transform the emissions generated by vehicles into less harmful ones. While you may think that the only sign of a failing converter would be a trail of thick exhaust from the tailpipe, the problem will manifest in many other ways. Here are some signs that the current converter is failing and you need to choose 3 way catalytic converters installed by a professional today.


The Rate of Acceleration Drops

You’re used to pressing on the accelerator and having the engine respond with ease. It seems lately that there’s some hesitation before the car begins to pick up speed. While there are other mechanical issues that could be causing a decrease in acceleration, it could also be the converter.

Your best approach is to take the car to a local service center and have the engine and exhaust system checked. It could be that it’s time to select and install one of the Wagner catalytic converters designed for the make and model of your vehicle.


Your Fuel Efficiency is Much Lower

Have you noticed that the fuel tank seems to empty a little sooner these days? At one point, you were able to get to and from work for an entire week on a single tank of fuel. Now you have to fill the tank along the middle of the week.

Did you know that failing catalytic converters are often the reason for decreased fuel efficiency? In the long run, it will cost less money to invest in a new 3 way catalytic converter than it is to keep spending more money on fuel. You also reduce the risk of developing other mechanical issues brought on by a failing converter.


The Check Engine Light Comes On

There’s something about having the Check Engine Light come on that fills the heart with dread. You don’t know if the engine is failing or if there’s some other issue. What you may not realize is that this type of warning light could mean the catalytic converter is about to fail completely.

Diagnostics at a local shop will tell you if the problem is a failing converter. If so, the team at the shop can help you compare the merits of different 3 way catalytic converters and choose the one that’s right for your vehicle.


The Engine is Slow to Turn Over

When your vehicle’s engine will not engage with ease, that surely means something is wrong. Depending on the year, make, and model of the vehicle, that could mean the starter or the solenoid switch is going bad. It could also mean the catalytic converter is failing.

If the problem is the converter, count yourself lucky. New three way catalytic converters are less expensive and easier to install than some other vehicle components.

There are other signs something is wrong, including barely passing an annual emissions test. Instead of waiting for things to get worse, take the vehicle to an expert and find out if it’s time for one of the newer Wagner catalytic converters. Replacing the converter now could save a lot of money and frustration later on.

Author: Ryan Yarbrough