A Combatant Gentlemen World: Tailored Suited at Tailored Prices


Enjoy Luxurious Styles for Formal and Business Settings 

Every year there are more and more events to attend that require luxuriously designed gentlemen styles. At Combatant Gentlemen we provide our customers with the greatest fashions that are eye-catching and appropriate for a variety of settings. You can shop with us to find ensembles for weddings, anniversaries, and a host of other occasions.

We will help you to find apparel for formal events, as well as, for business activities. Our customers discover a selection of suits that meet individual tastes and diverse styles. It is possible to tailor your look for the occasion or event that you are attending with our selection. We stand-out in that our clothing lines work to dress you from head-to-toe, with panache and fashion sense.

Amazing Suit Styles 

It does not matter whether you are shopping for an accentuating Double Breasted suit or a slim fit design. We offer our customers a great selection of amazing suit styles to choose from. These are appropriate for virtually any occasion or event. Our Double Breasted suit in either blue or grey will help you to complete a color scheme. You will find great colors in our Slim Fit and Tailored Fit suit styles, as well.

Gorgeous Blazers 

We know that it is important to have a selection of blazers that meet different needs. Some of these will be worn for attending special events. Others will serve a daily use for business and work activities. The gorgeous blazers available with us allow our customers to accommodate various uses. At the same time, they will find styles for the season. The Charcoal Slim Fit Travel Jacket is a fine example in this category.

Stunning Dress Shirts

Just as it is important to have a choice of suit styles and blazers, our customers require stunning dress shirts. These work not simply to harmonize with other pieces. These are shirts that make their own fashion statement. A versatile example to consider is the Light Grey Poplin Slim Fit Wide Spread Collar Stretch Shirt. There are other colors to select from, as well as, casual shirt styles that are available.

Trendy Shoe Styles

We present our customers with diverse apparel to purchase for their daily use and those for specific occasions. Along with styles that complement each build, we offer trendy shoe styles, as well. Oxford, Boots, and different Dress Shoe products are available in various colors. It is possible to find suede and leather shoes for any event you are attending. We specialize in the ToeCap brand shoe products.

Our goal is to provide customers with gentlemen selections that are appealing and functional. The choice of pieces and complete ensembles allow for creativity. We invite you to shop for suits, blazers, shirts, and shoes with Combatant Gentlemen. If you spend at least $100, your shipping will be completely free. We stand by our products and offer free returns to our valued customers.

Be sure to sign up with us so that you are the first to know when new releases are available for purchase. This is a great way to not only find apparel for your work responsibilities and special occasions. You will be able to shop for gifts for others by joining Combatant Gentlemen with your email address.


Author: Lindsay Shearer

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