Choose the Best Social Media for Your Business


Networking forums are now an essential marketing tool for every organization. The key is to choose the right platform of social media for your business. Because not every medium might be compatible with your company’s vision! Identify the different tools and invest in the right one.

Networking Platforms

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ are some of the few forum that can be utilized as social media for your business.

For utilizing the mediums effectively, the organizations should choose, plan, and affect the strategies with careful thought and caution.

Social Media for your Business

Each social platform presents its content in a unique format. An organization should be aware of each social networking site’s features, and pros and cons to identify the ones best suited to its purpose.

Alternatively, utilizing all networking mediums would require the promotional strategies to be customized accordingly!

Inbound Marketing through Facebook

Facebook is the most active, largest, and one of the best inbound marketers.

What is inbound marketing? It refers to using marketing techniques that bring in a targeted audience on its own rather than the marketer having to go outside to do it!

The highly interactive environment of Facebook requires an equally fast-paced and reciprocative networking strategy for business purposes.

The first step is to create a Business Fan Page detailing the product or service on offer in a light, easy, and fun manner. Articles, videos, photos, etc., related to the business should be included on the Page.

It should allow for audience comments, shares, etc. Also, all queries and comments should be immediately responded to build further dialogue!

The tone on the Facebook Business Fan Page should be light but informative!

Marketing Tool by Google

Google currently offers organizations of all kinds several ways to promote their businesses on its various social channels.

The best thing about Google is that all its products are integrated and can be used as one cohesive unit or separate from each other, individually.

Its social tools like Google+ are in the same industry space as Facebook. It too allows its users to share text, video, audio, and graphic files.

Creating Google+ Circles enables the marketer to create segmented groups. This facilitates them in making groups according to their requirement. This allows them to send only relevant information to the intended audience. The groups could be mutually exclusive or not!

Hangouts allow for video chats and conferencing, which could be utilized as and when required.

Google Ad Words, YouTube, Gmail, Drive, Docs, etc. are examples of some other options that help enable social media for your business.

Author: Will Robins