Best {Underground} Online Review Websites To Post On

Best {Underground} Online Review Websites To Post On

These days, most consumers will search the feedback from review websites to make business decisions such as paying for products and services. This benefits businesses as well as customers because honest customer feedback gives insight into things like the quality of products and customers are treated. Then, consumers know where to shop and businesses know what to improve their products and services. Your business credibility is a huge factor in your success. There are many online review websites that may not be that well-known but are still successful.

Your online marketing starts with your ads. You then should expect reviews to be found and searched for. This all leads to a converting online website. Local searches are highly impacted by reviews and citations as well.

I looked at a few lists and made a checklist for my business.


I have given a list of the best review websites with customer feedback for businesses and consumers below:

This is a review website to help employees, customers, and investors get an idea of what a company is like on the inside. Employees are encouraged to write reviews about what it’s like to interview and work for a company. Employers will usually use this site to recruit prospective employees and improve their business.
To post a review on Glassdoor, someone must sign into their Glassdoor account. Then, they will click Write Review on the top right of the page. Next, select Company Review and choose Employer Status. Then, the name of the company must be selected from a list. After this, a user is expected to rate the company using stars, adding details in the fields provided. Finally, the user is ready to click Submit Review for their review to be posted immediately.

Facebook Ratings and Reviews
Facebook actually has a place on its site for Facebook users to leave rating and reviews of a business. Facebook Rating and Reviews is on the left-hand side of any users Facebook Page, and it is unable to be moved or removed for any reason.
Any Facebook user is able to post a rating or review of a business using this took by going to the Reviews section of their Page, rating using grey stars, and then writing an optional review which they can choose to make public or private.

Better Business Bureau
The Better Business Bureau is one of the best review websites known to many consumers because it gives assistance to customers that want to find a trustworthy business. This is based on a business rating review system, and its main focus is to use reviews to protect consumers from businesses that are fake or a scam.
To submit a review on this website, simply go on their site, click Reviews and Complaints, write a review, rate the company, state whether you would recommend the company, give your real name and display name, then successfully submit your review.

Yellow Pages
Yellow Pages is a website that took over that yellow book everyone used to find information on every business. Now, this is one of the best review websites online that help local businesses grow.
To post a review on this site, all you have to do is a search for the business, give your feedback and rating, then your review is posted.

OpenTable is an innovative app that has gone from reservations to reviews and ratings. To leave a review for a restaurant, all a person has to do is launch the app, select their profile in the upper left corner, view Past Reservations, and click Write a Review to share their dining experience.

Author: Will Robins