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What Are the Red Flags of Accounts Payable Fraud?

In any business, accounts payable and invoice management are areas where fraudulent activity is most often seen. It’s important that people within an organization...

6 Ways to Instantly Give Your Site The “WOW” factor

Let’s be honest: there’s not much that seems to “wow” us anymore when it comes to most business websites. Once you’ve seen one, you’ve...

4 Practical Reasons to Buy Rather than Lease or Rent Your Commercial Cleaning Equipment

As a business owner, you have the responsibility of making sound decisions on what to buy, lease, or rent for the operation. That includes...

4 Important Reasons to Offer Group Coverage Options to Your Employees

Provincial plans are wonderful in terms of covering the majority of the costs associated with many medical issues. Even so, employers would do well...

Innovation the Only Viable Future For Canadian Manufacturing

The decline in Canadian manufacturing demonstrates a depressing reality of our position in a competitive global environment. It’s not a unique story by any...