5 Brilliant Tips and Tools for Creating a Better Customer Experience


Pop quiz: is the customer always right?

That might be a loaded question, but it does speak to a growing trend among businesses online.

That is, a heavy emphasis on customer experience.

Whether through it’s your customer service, marketing or your product itself, there are tons of opportunities for businesses to make your business more compelling to buyers and leads alike.

The question remains: are you taking advantage of those opportunities?

If not, there are tons of tools and ways to do so that don’t require you to start your marketing from scratch. Below are five tips and tools for businesses who want to create a better customer experience.

Make Your Business Most Interactive

Perhaps one of the most pressing matters for businesses today in terms of customer experience is, well, experiences.

This means more frequent interactions rather than treating your product and service as a one-and-done affair.

That’s why more and more businesses are building mobile apps that do double duty of keeping your business in your customers’ pockets (quite literally) while tapping into our app-friendly culture. Services like BuildFire afford businesses the opportunity to take their own services and transform them into a compelling, mobile experience.

Engage with Customers in Real-Time

Service is a crucial component of the customer experience that’s easy to overlook. After all, we’re already available for outreach via social media and email around-the-clock, right?

However, don’t forget the importance of immediacy for customers who don’t want to play the waiting game.

Livechat support via tools like ZenDesk or Drift are becoming increasingly popular for that very reason. Again, the need for interactivity rears its head as businesses scramble for more ways to encourage that ever-so-important back-and-forth. It’s all about taking an active approach to engagement versus a passive one.

Tracking Customer Behavior

The more data you can gather from your customers, the better.

CRM solutions such as Zoho and Hubspot have become staples of businesses today as we can translate our customers’ touch points into meaningful interactions. Targeting customers based on behavior such as social engagement, most-visited pages and previously purchased products not only encourage one-of-a-kind experiences but also repeat business.

Segment Your Offers and Deals

Speaking of one-of-a-kind, customers today don’t want to be treated as “one-size-fits-all” by businesses when it comes to marketing.

That’s why email segmentation (think: offers, deals and marketing messages) is essential to providing a unique experience and upping your ROI. Strategies for segmenting your email list such as opt-in points and purchase history (see the touchpoints above) is a worthwhile exercise to show customers you’re listening to their specific wants.

Humanize Your Marketing

Last but not least, consider how the future of online marketing is rooted in emotions and human experiences.

As such, a good customer experience is more about just automation. Simply taking a conversational tone and referring to customers by name is communication is a solid start for seeming less robotic and reminding customers that there’s a flesh-and-blood person behind your business.

Customer experience is everything, especially in a growing age of fierce competition and transparency. By sticking to these tips and taking advantage of these tools, you can move forward knowing that you’re making the most of your interactions with customers.

Author: Susan Melony