App Marketing: 5 Tips On How To Do It Right

App Marketing: 5 Tips On How To Do It Right

There are a number of reasons why releasing a mobile app is still a good investment to make, regardless of the app you launch to the market. An app that allows customers to order your products, find resources related to the products and get additional value is great for positioning your products that much closer to the customers. An app that is launched as a product itself is just as attractive, especially with the number of smartphone users expanding rapidly.

Before you jump right in and create your own app, however, it is worth noting that the app market is immensely competitive. For your new app to be successful, you need to get two things right: the app itself and how you market the app to its users. We are going to focus on the second half of the equation in this article and review the best tips and tricks on marketing a mobile app.

Understand Your Value

The best apps are the ones that actually solve users’ problems or bring immense value to them. It may be tempting to launch an app just for the sake of owning an app, but the competitive market means you will not see success unless you really bring something valuable to the table.

The problem you solve with the app and the key values you bring to the table are essential marketing tools that you need to fully understand before you get started. How does the app improve users’ lives? How does it make things easier for users? Does the app solve a particular problem that many people have? How does it do that (solving the problem)?

Answer these questions and pay attention to the answers you come up with. You will find the right keywords or phrases, the essential values to convey throughout the marketing campaign, and, most importantly, a consistent message that really represents what the app is all about.

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App Marketing: 5 Tips on How to Do It Right


No matter how easy it is for users to use your app, it is still necessary to provide sufficient information on how to use the app and take full advantage of it. It is even better if you can provide users with resources on how to maximize the app for their benefits. This is where a series of videos and tutorials in different forms come in handy. Creating a whiteboard animation video is the best option in most cases.

The app itself needs to be very user-friendly. Users must be able to feel right at home the moment they open the app. The purpose of adding touches of educational content to your marketing campaign is not only to educate users from a technical standpoint but also to generate interest. The same explainer videos will be effective in generating interest based on what the app can actually do.

Don’t Forget the Media

Many app developers and businesses releasing their own apps don’t really take media seriously for several reasons. They may think of the media as being out of reach (or the app as important enough to gain media attention), which is why they don’t even have a press release to mark the launch of the app itself.

This is a mistake you need to avoid when launching an app in a market as competitive as it is today. Create an exceptional press release and make sure you compile a comprehensive app press kit to distribute to media outlets. Reach out to all relevant media outlets – yes, I do mean ALL of them – and don’t forget to include a personalized, compelling cover letter with each email (press release) you send.

You will be surprised by how many media coverage you actually get in return, especially when you have an app that actually solves a problem or is packaged really well. The media coverage you get from multiple outlets will further enhance your reach and allows more potential users to learn about the app itself. It is a simple campaign to run alongside other marketing strategies, but it is a campaign that works.

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App Marketing: 5 Tips on How to Do It Right

Build (and Maintain) Excitement

The marketing campaign for your app should start way before the actual release date. What you need to do is generate interest around the app itself. Thanks to the internet, digital marketing, and social media, in particular, you can generate interest before the actual launch date, as well as attract potential users to the app itself. Pinterest 4 Profit also has some great free traffic strategies.

Don’t just stop at generating interest or excitement either. You need to capitalize on the momentum and funnel potential users to an action. You can ask those who are interested to sign up for a newsletter so that they can be notified when the app is launched. You can also use the pre-registration feature of both Google and Apple to get users to sign up for the app early.

Ride the Wave

With everything executed properly, you will see a spike in downloads once the app is launched. With enough downloads, your app will start appearing on the Trending lists of app stores. This is the kind of wave you want to ride when launching a new app on the market.

As soon as your app is trending, send more press releases and use the moment to produce content for social media. More users will pick up on the news coverage and social media posts, and they will install the app and give it a try.

There will be more moments you can ride and capitalize; all you need to do is be clever about how you market the app. Reaching the kind of success you have in mind isn’t difficult with a tailored app marketing strategy in hand.

Author: Will Robins