Amazing Activities To Help You Prepare For Canada Day


The summer season is just around the corner and this country’s momentous holiday is coming up very soon. If you want to be ready for the big day, you might want to consider these DIY activities before it arrives — you will be so thankful that you were prepared, no matter how you intend to celebrate.


If You Are Spending Your Night Watching Fireworks:

One DIY activity that will prepare you for your festive night is crafting your own blankets to wear or sit on while watching the fireworks. You can find knitting and crocheting patterns on the website Yarnspirations that are free of charge. They have an abundance of yarn colors, weights, brands and fibers for you to browse through — for this particular holiday, you might want to consider shades of red and white for your pieces. They also have all ofthe latest yarn accessories that you could possibly need for your craftwork like knitting needles, crochet hooks, stitch holders, tassel makers and pompom makers. You can check out their Canada 150 Lookbook from the previous year to get some creative inspiration for your own holiday blankets.



If You Are Throwing A Backyard Barbeque:

Plenty of Canadians look forward to a sunny long weekend where they can decorate their backyard, pull out their grill and invite company over for an entire day of relaxation. The major DIY activity that you can do to prepare for the big day is to put on an apron and start baking traditional treats and patriotic sweets for your guests. You should pick dessert recipes that are reminiscent of the national flag, like a red velvet cake, a cherry cheesecake, a batch of maple leaf sugar cookies or a tray of strawberries dipped in white chocolate. If the weather predicts that the entire day will be scorching hot, strawberry yogurt popsicles are excellent treats to plan — they will be soothing to eat on a humid day and will be a great blend of the two flag colors.


If You Are Going To Be In The Great Outdoors:

A lot of families prefer to pack up their car and head away from home on the long weekend, going to a more natural escape like a lakeside cottage or a camping site in the forest.You should put together a homemade S’Mores kit to prepare for the Canada Day weekend since you will be spending most of it crowded around a roaring campfire. You will want to snack on some of these treats in-between activities like singing, stargazing and telling stories. Here are some of the essential items that you will need to find and store in your special kit:

  • Homemade marshmallows
  • Chocolate
  • Icebox cookies or graham crackers
  • Roasting sticks

By planning ahead, you are guaranteeing that you will be comfortable during a brilliant fireworks display, that your guests will be overjoyed at your barbeque and that your campfire experience will be that much sweeter. You can make sure that your Canada Day weekend is full of incredible memories just by tapping into your creative skills.

Author: Ryan Yarbrough