AdSense Options for Your Blog Part One

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Lots of people have started utilizing Google’s AdSense program to create cash with their blogs. However, there are some that find it a little too uncertain or just not meeting their own needs from a mere advertisement program.

Thankfully, there are lots of alternatives to Google AdSense to help you make money from your blog. At the same time, these alternatives make an effort to alleviate a few of the notable AdSense weak points. Here is a listing of the most significant ones and a concise description for each one:


AllFeeds includes a great mix of ads by advertisers to select from and place on your blog. Additionally, it features numerous display types. These include ad banners, buttons, XML and RSS feeds, DHTML pop-ups, etc. Additionally, it features real-time reporting of your ad standing. The site may mail a cheque every month, so long as you reach a threshold of $25. If you do not meet this minimum earning, you will simply have to continue to rollover your earnings to the following month. Another fascinating thing about AllFeeds is that it integrates with your Google AdSense account, making the most of your earnings along with AdSense.


MarketBanker enables you to allow or disallow any kind of irrelevant link on your website (although Google AdSense itself will do a very good work for this, too, with its web address filters). Check your statistics in the control panel area, which will clearly display to you how nicely your site is performing as at now. The advertisements are a little just like AdSense’s and they are just as simple to set up. Additionally, registration for an account with MarketBanker is totally free.


BidClix is refreshing its system since it has marketers competing for clicks on your site. This, in turn, is supposed to generate the maximum profits for the blogs’ pages. It also includes a very large pool of marketers which gives you the guarantee that there are plenty of advertisers and content you can choose from for your website. However, it will require much more polished on-site contents compared to that of AdSense. Real-time statistics can also be found within the program. It’s super easy to get started with this particular service, and on top of that, it is also very versatile to use.


Chitika utilizes AI to get the most related ads for the page, and there is an extra function which makes it distinctive as well. Key phrases are chosen based upon the previous choices that paid off as well as which did not. That means there is a constant suggestion process, which, in turn, means you can gain much better revenue from your ads. Additionally, it supports features that are responsible for obstructing certain providers, child-safe blocking and many others.


AdHearus is an extremely feature-packed contextual ad supplier. As with Google AdSense, advertisements tend to be targeted. However, its advantages don’t end there. The advertisements are very versatile; you can pick to feature your ads from text-ads, pop-ups, pop-unders and skyscrapers, banners, or rectangles. You may also display your personal ads, via rotation, on your website, or affiliate offers, which makes AdHearus a hybrid that goes along well with conventional marketing technologies. There is a very extensive online, real time tracking feature as well as. As with other services, getting started with this program is free and is generally a breeze to complete.


AffiliateSensor offers easy to customize ad options, which you can change yourself through its user-friendly interface. You also get real-time confirmation of clicks-by-domain, web page and referrer. This integrates well with Google AdSense, too, through the google_alternate_ad_url. Therefore, AffiliateSensor can be used as an alternative to Google PSAs.

Kanoodle Bright Advertisements

Kanoodle allows marketers to get advertisements that are closely related to the primary subjects or sections of their website, and not the standard keyword-focused ads. The website also carefully teams publisher websites with marketers to make sure high-revenue generating advertisements. And talking about revenue, the money you receive will generally be a clear 50% of the total cash Kanoodle receives from its clients/your advertisers.


TargetPoint is focused more in the direction of content marketers. It offers complete control over the appearance of the advertisements and produces detailed statistics that reports your website’s overall performance and revenue. It is free to sign-up, and you generate a guaranteed 60% from the total income generated by TargetPoint per click. You can get compensated via Paypal, checks, as well as (most popular) cable transfers.


Clicksor may earn you around 60% from the amount of cash your website makes. What you get is one and the same as Google AdSense. There are specific text advertisements that you can view the actual revenues directly from your website. You can receive cash via Paypal or a check, which is released every fourteen days, so long as you have gained more than $50 in revenue. If you haven’t generated that much, your own earnings will rollover to the next time period.

Author: Will Robins