How to Add a Bit of Creativity to Your Website in 2019


Websites live or die depending upon how many visitors they receive as well as how they perform in terms of search engine results page (SERP) rankings. Unless you have designed such a portal for your personal use, it is likely that you are looking to increase the number of inbound hits during 2019.  While many articles focus upon more technical details such as the proper use of HTML, CSS and similar types of coding, relatively few touch upon the importance of visual appeal from a psychological point of view.  This is rather ironic, as success will ultimately depend upon the experience of the end user as opposed to the online “bot” that uses algorithms to determine your standing within search engines such as Google.  Let’s make things a bit simpler by first examining a handful of ways in which you can enhance the appeal of your site before moving on to address the e-commerce side of the equation.


All About Visual Interaction

Take a moment that think about the last time you entered a grocery store.  How were the products arranged?  What discounts and offers did you see immediately after walking in?  This is actually a very relevant analogy, as we are referring to the customer experience whether discussing supermarkets or websites.  In other words, your site needs to be appealing from the moment a visitor enters if they are ever expected to appreciate what it is that you have to offer.How can this be accomplished?

One of the first steps is to keep things simple.  Maintain a uniform layout across all pages. Navigation bars are generally placed on the left-hand side of the page while links such as “help” and “contact” are found across the top.  Try not to deviate from this structure.  Make sure that all sections are easy to read that pages load within a very short period of time.  When we consider that the average user will only wait for a few seconds before navigating elsewhere, this type of responsiveness is key.

Use graphics and other forms of media to entice the visitor and to maintain his or her attention.  Flash videos an detailed images are two excellent examples of this approach. While there is nothing wrong with high-quality content, keep in mind that most users do not desire to wade through massive sections of text before actually finding out what you are presenting.

It could also be a good idea to reexamine the mobile responsive design of your website (as coding parameters can change from time to time).  Do all pages display correctly and are there any problems with certain operating systems such as Android or iOS?  If you encounter any bugs whatsoever, it might be a good idea to consult with a professional or even to change your e-commerce provider entirely.  This brings us to the next main section.


What About Online Retail Sales Options?

Have you been marketing a product or service with the help of a standalone website?  How have your retail sales been during the past fiscal year?  Assuming that you are still reading this article, the chances are high that there is some room for improvement.  This is when the power of a cutting-edge e-commerce provider will come into play.  However, what are some of the hallmarks of a worthwhile service?

In terms of modern online business solutions, scalability is king.  You need to be able to upgrade your website or even change its entire layout when you see fit.  Unfortunately, this can sometimes be rather difficult to achieve if you happen to be employing older architecture such as the enterprise Magento package.  While there are indeed many benefits associated with such solutions, the fact of the matter is that this cloud-based SaaS bundle often lacks the ability to deal with complex e-commerce tasks.  The good news is that other software providers have taken the reigns in terms of efficiency and flexibility

Shopify Plus has been engineered in such a fashion as to provide you with all of the most important utilities and tools within a centralized framework. What is perhaps just as important is that (unlike other systems) you will not need to know a great deal of coding to begin. More than 100 themes, drag-and-drop functionality, nearly two dozen marketing channels and expert levels of customer support are some other reasons why Shopify could be a great addition to your current website.

Of course, you are still provided with a great deal of latitude in terms of the final layout and appearance of your website.  The main point to remember here is that visual appeal and easy navigation will make all of the difference in the world between an anonymous portal and one which becomes quite p

Author: Lindsay Shearer

Lindsay Shearer is a global SEO Expert and serves as the Editor for, among other publication sites. She is the founder of a group of traffic generation programs at & and travels speaking on SEO & Entrepreneurship. She spent 10 years in mergers and acquisitions and has been driving massive online traffic for hundreds of businesses and brands for the last 15 years.