7 Underrated Types of Digital Tools to Help You Seriously Step Up Your Email Game


The profitability of email marketing is incredibly well-documented, representing perhaps the most time-tested tactic when it comes to making money in the digital age.

Whereas the likes of social media and paid ads have been strong supplemental strategies, there’s a reason why email is always such a central focus.

Think about it. For those building their lists, email opt-ins represent your most eager, hungry leads that you can sell to time and time again.

And for those willing to do the research and have some writing chops, cold emailing can make you an absolute killing while costing little more than your time.

Of course, succeeding with email isn’t as simple as flipping a switch and watching the money roll in.

Marketers need all the help they can get to ensure that their messages are top-notch, standing out in an era of fierce competition. In order to step up your email game, you need the right set of tools in your toolbox. Below is a comprehensive list of underrated digital tools that can help you fine-tune your email marketing strategy once and for all.

Mass Message Senders

If you’re over the manual legwork of copy-and-pasting outreach emails, you certainly aren’t alone. Simple Chrome extensions like GMass serves as an easy-to-use alternative to pricier email automation tools out there. Allowing for templates with personalization tags in addition to click-tracking, follow-ups and scheduling, you can roll out more robust campaigns in no time flat.

Signature Generators

Email signatures are a totally overlooked and underrated piece of any given marketing email. Whether for a solopreneur or full-blown enterprise, consider how emails can…

  • Show off your face and create an emotional connection with your recipient
  • Link to your latest content, acting as a subtle link-building tool
  • Prove your professionalism: after all, sleek signatures signal that you mean business

Hubspot’s email signature generator is an awesome tool that creates attractive, email-ready signatures. All you need to do is plug in your information, relevant links and call-to-action. With tons of creative options, you can adapt your signature regardless of your brand.

Stock Photos and Free-to-Use Illustrations

Did you know that images improve readability when it comes to just about any piece of content? From catching someone’s eye to providing visual context, email is no exception to the rule.

Of course, whipping up an illustration or snagging your own snapshots simply isn’t an option for marketers on a budget. Thankfully, there are a number of stock photo resources like Pexels and Pixabay out there to help. These aren’t your “generic,” lame stock photos of the early 2000’s either: there are tons of eye-popping, high-res options to choose from.

You might also want to look into resources such as the Noun Project which provide free icons and illustrations to give your emails a creative touch. Some creations are free while others simply require attribution or a small donation to use indefinitely.

Readability Checkers

Readability scores are crucial to ensuring people understand and actually want to read through your emails. From lengthy sentences to lofty language, sometimes we need to be reigned in when it comes to copywriting.

Thankfully, tools like the Hemingway App can keep us in check. Before sending out any email, run it through the app to double-check that you aren’t needlessly muddling your message: you might be surprised more often than not the careless mistakes marketers make with their copy.

Subject Line Testers

The old-school statistic that one-third of consumers open emails based on their subject lines alone. To ensure that you’re hitting all the right buttons with your headlines, we recommend testing our CoSchedule’s Subject Line Tester. This tool “scores” your subject line based on readability, power words and other factors that encourage opens.

While such a tool might not be the be-all, end-all of your subject line strategy, it can provide you with peace of mind before you hit “send.”

A/B Testing Calculators

Ever heard the phrase “always be testing?” If you’re running in-depth paid campaigns, tools like VWO’s Testing Calculator can save you a ton of time and money. Analyzing how many emails need to be sent and how long a test needs to be run, you can ultimately cut down on testing costs without second-guessing yourself.

Campaign Analytics

Finally, don’t neglect how Google can lend you a helping hand. Google’s email campaign builder helps you better track traffic and click performance from campaigns and individual emails alike. If you have specific traffic goals tied to your emails, make sure to check this one out.

Email might be a proven money-maker, but only when your campaigns are set up the proper way. With the tools above, you can do exactly that to squeeze a higher ROI from your email efforts.

Author: Susan Melony