6 Ways to Instantly Give Your Site The “WOW” factor


Let’s be honest: there’s not much that seems to “wow” us anymore when it comes to most business websites. Once you’ve seen one, you’ve sort of seen them all, right?

As such, businesses are scrambling for ways to make their sites more compelling to visitors at a glance.

Finding opportunities to make your site more engaging and interactive not only helps you stand out from the crowd, but also helps keeps visitors glued to the page. This ultimately translates to more conversions, a lower bounce rate and more people spending time getting to know your brand.

But what sort of interactive elements are we talking about? Below we’ve outlined six ideas for modern business sites. Any combination of these features are fair game, although just one or two might are likely enough to make your site seem out of the ordinary without overloading your visitors.

Polls and Quizzes

No matter how you slice it, people love to test their knowledge and have their brains picked.

As such, interactive quizzes and polls are a low-hanging way to do exactly that. You can use quizzes to collect information such as product preferences or you can engage people with “just for fun” tests. Flashmarks’ superhero logo challenge quiz serves as a shining example of the sort of playful, test-your-knowledge type of quizzes that just about any site could roll out.

You might be surprised at just how much people want to be able to sound off, too. That’s why polls are powerful for, again, learning more about your audience and showing visitors that you value their opinions. Whether it’s something concerning your brand or current happenings in your industry, never be afraid to ask your audience questions.

Social Feeds and Lookbooks

One of the major goals of businesses today is to turn one-off visitors into long-term subscribers. Integrating your social feeds on-site is a smart way to do exactly that, using valuable real estate on your site to both encourage social followers and show off your current crop of fans.

The good news is that Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram all provide copy-paste links to integrate these elements into your homepage in a snap via WordPress.

Specific integrations such as Instagram feeds and “lookbooks” are likewise booming in popularity. In short, when someone uses a branded hashtag on Instagram they have the opportunity to be featured on your homepage. This does double-duty of encouraging on-site and social engagement at the same time.

Homepage Video

Given that videos are cited to improve conversions by 80%, they’re incredibly valuable to plaster on both home and product pages to pique the interest of visitors. Whether it’s something professional, “off the cuff” or something as simple as a narrated slideshow, consider any of the following options:

  • Explainer videos, diving into the specific features of a product
  • Product demos, showing off your product in action
  • Team videos, going behind the scenes of your company to depict how you operate on a day-to-day basis

You can host such videos on YouTube for free or upload them to your own server if you have the bandwidth for them.

Upvoting via Comments

The popularity of communities such as Reddit and Quora, both which are based on upvoting, should speak for themselves. Upvoting reinforces the idea that the cream rises to the top, encouraging more thoughtful comments from visitors and rewarding those who put thought into what they have to say.

Again, people love to speak their minds and should be given to the chance to do so whenever they can. Upvotes simply raise the stakes and can even create a sense of competition in their comment section. Either way, you reap the rewards of more engaged visitors.

Unique Opt-in Forms

Although opt-in forms are commonplace, they’re not all created equally in terms of creativity. For example, you can inject some personality into your opt-in’s via bold colors and imagery, quirky questions or even taking a humorous tone with your CTA’s and copy.

This approach may not work for every brand, especially if you want to “play it safe” or are firm that “less is more” when it comes to what we ask of our opt-in’s. Then again, asking something off-the-wall (think: favorite ice cream flavor) could be a savvy way to both personalize your opt-in’s and catch people off guard in a playful way.

Live Chat

Finally, consider that 92% of consumers prefer live chat to other customer service channels simply because it’s so quick. Love them or hate them, such chat platforms have become a staple of sites today and are likewise an expectation of visitors. Through answering questions or just presenting yourself as a helping hand, you position yourself to seal more deals with visitors.

Anything you can do to make your site more interactive is a major plus. With these tactics in mind, you can encourage people to spend more time clicking and scrolling where they otherwise might just want to bounce.

Author: Susan Melony