5 Tips On Reducing Your Office Energy Bills

Man working at his desk on a laptop with energy saving CFL lamps, a solar panel and a house project, top view

Business owners need to constantly be on the search for ways to cut back on their operational costs, yet many are ignoring one of the easiest methods by which they can save money every month. By taking steps to reduce your office’s energy consumption, you’ll save huge sums of money over the course of a year while simultaneously contributing towards a better environmental future for everyone.

It’s time to stop living in the past and to instead take steps towards a greener office environment. Here are 5 tips on reducing your office energy bills, and how you can encourage your employees to go green.

  1. Embrace intelligent lighting

Most people are aware by now that you can save on your energy costs by switching to more efficient light bulbs. This is a time-honored tradition that’s served many businesses and private homes well. What too few people realize is that you can go a step further when it comes to greener lighting by embracing intelligent lighting controls which will enable you to keep track of your office’s energy consumption levels.

Building an intelligent office isn’t easy and won’t be done overnight, but it’s a worthwhile investment for forward-thinking companies who are eager to stick around in a marketplace where green initiatives have gone from trendy to essential. Entrepreneurs who want to have some extra money in their pocket should thus seriously consider embracing intelligent lighting fixtures and other services through which they can monitor their long-term energy usage.

  1. Your HVAC system is likely too dirty

Modern workers wouldn’t be able to stand the confines of the average office environment if it wasn’t for stellar heating, ventilation, and air condition systems which make modern architecture possible in the first place. Despite this fact, many businesses continue to ignore their HVAC systems once they’ve been installed, wrongly believing that what goes on inside their ducts is none of their business.

In reality, your HVAC system is likely too dirty, which doesn’t just mean dustier air but also ensure your company is using up more power than it should be. HVAC system coils should be cleaned in an effort to save your business money, and duct cleaning in Phoenix shows that small businesses can afford thorough HVAC sweeps if they look around for the right providers.

If your energy bill has been slowly but surely creeping upwards, consider taking a fresh look at how you’ve been managing your HVAC system.

  1. Start an energy vampire campaign

Every business needs to consider starting an energy vampire campaign, or a thorough analysis of your building to determine which electronic gadgets are acting as “vampires” and continue to demand electrical energy even when your workers aren’t using them. The most effective methods of fighting vampire devices are usually the simplest; unplugging unused electronic devices, while seemingly trivial, can go a tremendously long way towards slimming down your office energy bills. Elsewhere, investing in excellent power strips around the office can help your employees ensure that they’re not inadvertently draining the company’s power supply with a simple flick of a switch.

  1. Create an energy strategy

While most companies understand that slimming down on their office energy bills is a great way to save money, few of them realize that you can actually generate sustained value for your business by creating an energy strategy. Sweeping environmental regulations and changing social norms have made it imperative for modern businesses to demonstrate their willingness to go green to the public. Thus, by creating an energy strategy, you’ll be cutting down on your energy costs while also boosting your image with the public.

The Harvard Business Review has a detailed report on creating an energy strategy that won’t just save you money, but will indeed generate value for your business. Business owners who have found their efforts to mitigate office energy bills to be in vain thus far should consider a comprehensive energy strategy.

  1. Enlist the help of your team members

Perhaps the most important tip for when it comes to reducing your office energy bills is enlisting the help of your team members, as no company owner or corporate manager can single-handedly instill a cultural change in their business. If you’re not encouraging your employees to choose sustainable lifestyles, your green efforts may largely be in vain.

Learning how to motivate your employees to go green is an important step for business owners who have an eye on the 21st century, as companies which fail to foster environmental considerations at all times will soon fall out of favor with consumers. Thus, while you should be investing company money in greener light bulbs and more robust energy plans, you can’t allow your rank-and-file employees to fall by the wayside in the fight to save on energy costs.

Keep these 5 tips in mind, and soon you’ll have reduced your office energy bills to a more manageable amount.

Author: Ivan Serrano