5 Things To Remember When Purchasing An Engagement Ring


Purchasing an engagement ring may just be one of the most important investments of your entire life, because it symbolizes a much bigger investment of life, love, and loyalty.  Shopping for the perfect adornment to represent the true nature of you and your soulmate’s love can be challenging.

Knowledge of jewelry is not always the forte of the most loving partner.  Equip yourself with a few helpful tips, so your presentation lacks nothing.  Here are some things to consider when you’re trying to find the perfect engagement ring.  

Educate yourself about diamonds

If you really dig into the history behind the diamond industry, you will quickly find that diamonds aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.  Diamonds are neither rare, nor are they expensive to acquire from their original source.  

Diamonds are largely a product of marketing pressures on society, but they have a bloody history in the mines of Africa.  Watch the movie Blood Diamond, and you may decide that a diamond ring isn’t quite the statement you wish to make to your special someone.  

Choose a stone for the ring

Instead of diamonds, research other precious and unique stones to set in an engagement ring.  Many vintage engagement rings hold a special quality of long-standing endurance and style.  Discover a vintage piece that will stand the test of time, and stay beautiful for years and years.  

The bright red shine of a ruby, the green gaze of an emerald, or the soft shine of a pearl may be far more desirable to your soon to be fiance.  A ring’s stone(s) should reflect the personality of the hand wearing it.

Consider your metal options

Do a little research on the different sort of metals there are to choose from for an engagement ring.  You may also need to consider any allergies your loved one might have. A great portion of the world has a skin sensitivity to certain metals.  

Find out whether your someone special prefers white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, silver, titanium, or palladium.  Make sure that you understand the perks and downfalls of each type of metal, and match the metal to the stone(s) you choose.  

Know your partner’s ring size

The most important thing you need to know before choosing the perfect engagement ring is your partner’s ring size.  You can get a ring resized to fit after the proposal, but who wants to tarnish their special moment with a ring that is too big or too small.  

Find the ring to match your partner’s personality

Make sure that, above all else, you take the time to really get to know what your future fiance really loves in a ring.  You’re not going to purchase a ring that looks snazzy to you. You’re finding what’s perfect for your partner.

Author: Larry Alton