5 Reasons To Get A Bear Costume This Halloween

bear costume

If you are tired of the same old Halloween costumes year after year, fear not because bear costumes are here! Dressing up as a bear for Halloween or a dress up party might not be conventional per say, but it will definitely make a statement. There are many reasons why dressing up as a bear is a prime idea!

1. Bear Costumes Are Warm

Halloween can get pretty darn cold, especially at night. Most would like to think that it is close enough to summer for the weather to be decent. However, countless scores of people end up freezing half to death, either trick or treating, or at parties. Most Halloween costumes just are not designed for warmth or comfort. Luckily, bear costumes are warm, they are comfortable, and they’ll keep you nice and toasty all night long.

2. They Aren’t Too Revealing

Yes, many people, both guys and gals, love to wear revealing Halloween outfits. Yet, not everybody is the same and some people still like to go a more conservative route. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with some sexy and revealing Halloween outfits, but there’s nothing wrong with the flipside of the coin either. Bear outfits are not very revealing, thus preserving some semblance of sophistication. Although if you look hard enough you can definitely find bear costumes that are meant for sexiness, rather than warmth and comfort.

3. There Are Many Options To Go With

The cool part about going with a bear costume is that there are tons of options to go with. You can go with a simple bear mask, a bear bodysuit, or a full-on bear outfit from head to toe. Moreover, you can get bear outfits to make you look like Winnie The Pooh, Yogi Bear, Smokey Bear, and many others too. You might not think that bear costumes are so versatile, but there are so many real life and fictional cartoon bears out there that the selection is absolutely massive. It’s a versatile costume choice that works for men and women, as well as children and adults alike.

4. Bear Costumes Are Easy To Find

One of the best parts about bear costumes is that they are so easy to find. You can find them in local costume stores, second-hand stores, party stores, and more or less everywhere really. This, combined with the fact that the selection of variety is so vast, makes the bear costume an ideal choice. If you are a last minute kind of person and don’t buy your costume until the day of, chances are that you will always be able to find a bear costume.

5. You Can Do Your Own DIY Bear Costume

The other neat part about bear costumes is that you can even make them yourself. There are tons of online instructions for various DIY bear costumes. Yes, you are going to need to buy the fabric and the proper tools, as well, you will need the proper skills. However, if you want to save some cash and make a bear costume exactly the way you want it, going the DIY route is a consideration to keep in mind.

Why Get A Bear Costume?

Bear costumes are easy to find, you can make them yourself, and the options are more or less unlimited, plus they will keep you warm too. There are tons of options to go with so check them out before your next big Halloween party!

Author: Ryan Yarbrough