5 Footwear Styles Rieker Offers for You


You love the pair of Rieker shoes that you bought for the office. Did you know that there are other styles that will work equally well in other settings? The fact is that Rieker has something for just about any occasion. Before you settle for shoes manufactured by any other company, learn more about what this brand has to offer.


There are plenty of casual designs among the offerings provided by Rieker. Men and women can invest in footwear that’s ideal for working out, going for a walk, or enjoying weekend activities with friends and relatives. As with all Rieker shoes, you get excellent support to go with the comfort. The fact that the casual designs come in several different colours makes it all the easier to find something that looks great.

Dress and Dress Casual

Your place of employment requires business attire for every employee. Men wear suits and ties while women wear slacks, dresses and skirts that are considered to be more in line with business styles. That means the shoes need to be along the same lines. You’ll find a number of styles that will work with your more formal clothing and ensure you are always in line with the office dress code.

Along with the business style footwear that’s great for a more formal office setting, there are several styles that are perfect for casual days at work. If you happen to be employed with a company with a more relaxed dress code, designs that are a little dressier but still somewhat casual are perfect. Whether you can wear jeans to work or the casual dress code calls for golf shirts and khaki pants, the dress casual designs will fit right in.


Are you looking for boots that will keep your feet warm and dry during the harsher seasons? Rieker has plenty of styles to consider. Some come with linings that you can remove and launder with ease. Others include sturdy shells that will last for years. All of them are designed to provide excellent arch support. The cushioning makes it easier to walk across or stand on hard surfaces most of the day and still avoid stress on the legs.

Dress Boot

Along with practical boots, you can invest in boots that are ideal for more dressy occasions. These work well for the office, attendance at events that call for something other than casual footwear, and even help to dress up a more casual outfit if you are in the mood to do so. As with the boots made for colder weather, expect to enjoy a high level of support and cushioning every time you wear the dress boots.

Sandals Casual and Dressy

No wardrobe is complete without one or two pairs of sandals. You need one pair that’s stylish and just right for warm weather activities. You may consider these to be a staple of your weekend attire.

There are also dressy sandal designs to consider. These are great for events where you want to dress up a little more, but still want to wear something with a summery feel. If the dress code at work allows open toe footwear, these dressier styles are an excellent choice.

Rieker shoes has something for just about anyone. Browse today and see what you can find. After you try one style, it’s just a matter of time before you include more Rieker styles in your footwear collection.

Author: Ryan Yarbrough