5 Facts About All on Four Implants That You Should Know


Your natural teeth are failing and the dentist tells you it’s time to start thinking about alternatives. As you mull over the possibilities, some of them leave you feeling cold. There is one that seems to be a good idea and it happens to be one that many of the Orillia Smile Centre dentists recommend: an implant option known as the All on Four. Here are some facts about this solution that you should know before making a decision about your treatment.

There’s a Reason They are Called Teeth in a Day

You may hear all on four implants referred to as Teeth in a Day. That’s because it’s possible to take care of any extractions necessary and then insert the implants on the same day. You literally can walk into the dental clinic with poor teeth and emerge with what appears to be a full set of healthy teeth.

The Recovery Period is Short

This implant solution involves inserting four implants in the upper and lower jaws rather than individual implants to replace each tooth. While you can expect some temporary swelling and tenderness, the discomfort is relatively mild. Best of all, it will go away shortly. In the meantime, the Orillia Smile Centre dentists have attached temporary plates to the implants so you have a nice set of teeth. By the time you come back for your permanent plates, the swelling and discomfort will be history.

Less Expensive Than Individual Implants

There’s no doubt that the All on Four solution is less expensive than getting individual implants. Along with the amount of time needed to insert the relatively few number of implants, there’s also the savings on supplies and materials. These factors all come together to help keep the cost lower when compared to other options.

They Stay in Place

These implants remain in place with ease. Unlike dentures that require some sort of adhesive in order to keep them from slipping, your implants are just as stable as real teeth. You don’t have to remove them for anything and there are no worries about the plates ending up in the soup bowl when you are out dining with loved ones. This one advantage is one that many Orillia Smile Centre dentists find is enough to convince patients that implants are a better choice than dentures.

They Last a Long Time

You can bet that the All on Four implants provide you with a lasting solution. The plates easily outlast any set of dentures. Unless you damage the plates in some manner, they could last you the rest of your life. That’s a big difference from having to replace a set of dentures every seven to ten years.

There’s more you can learn about an All on Four solution. Talk with your dentist and find out more about the procedure, the recovery period, and what to expect once the implants and plates are in position. It won’t take long to see that the dentist was right to recommend this alternative to your failing teeth.

Author: Ryan Yarbrough