4 Ways To Spruce Up Your Cottage This Year


The reappearance of warm weather in Toronto means the return of bathing suits, ice cold drinks and summer vacation. If your lake cottage is your summer vacation destination, it may need a little decorating update for the year, especially if you plan on having guests over. Here are a few ideas to give your cottage a certain rustic, bespoke charm that your guests and family will absolutely adore.

1. Solid Wood Furniture

Furniture made from solid, cherry or oak makes a country cottage cozy and homey – for instance, a dining room table made of reclaimed wood with a fruit bowl or vase of flowers adorning it just screams “cozy” to your guests. It just makes sense, out there in nature, surrounded by trees, that the interior of your cottage reflect the landscape, and there’s no better way to do that than to decorate with solid wood furniture. Another plus is that handcrafted wood furniture will last a lifetime with minimal care, since solid wood is sturdy, durable and will not fall apart like cheaply made, pressed wood products.

2. Antiques

Antiques give a classic, but welcoming feel to any home. A vintage vanity table, porcelain bowl and pitcher, and wood-framed antique mirrors add a country touch with style and functionality. China dishes, cups and saucers, and sparkling polished silver teapots and serving trays, or tin bakeware sets sit nicely in a china cabinet or on open shelves. Embroidered tea towels can lend a feeling on nostalgia and can be used in the kitchen or bathroom as guest towels. So, on your drive up to the cottage, pull over when you see a vintage store – you might just find that perfect accompaniment.

3. Repurposed Old Items

One decorating tip that a lot of people tend to use is to repurpose household items into planters, flower pots, etc. Examples include an old tire, tin buckets with holes drilled in the bottoms, old-fashioned coffee cans, porcelain vases, copper pots, canisters, mason jars, wicker baskets, glass pitchers and more. There is a multitude of items that can be repurposed for all kinds of unique decorating looks, and they each give off a distinct DIY charm.

4. Handmade Artwork

Handmade artwork can be a painting, needlework, framed photographs, canvas artwork, string art, embroidered pillows, quilts, lace tablecloths, or any other craft-related items that you can put up around the house to give it a lived-in feeling, even if you’re only there in the summers.


Accessories that are small but add a touch of style include candy dishes, small mirrors, small picture frames (sterling silver) old jewellery, antique pearl buttons, men’s handkerchiefs, old pocket watches, etc. Flea markets and thrift stores are great places to find old things that may not be quite old enough to be in an antique store.

Ontario has a lot of lovely homes and cottages. Decorating them with your own style, in a country theme, adds to the comfort and lets the beauty of the building and the area shine through.

Author: Ryan Yarbrough