4 Ways to Make the Most of Body Art and Ornamentation


Body art and ornamentation like piercings are some of the most common ways to express who you are and what matters. The thing to remember is that getting a tattoo or choosing an oral piercing complete with jewelry does require some thought ahead of time. If you want to make the most of these adornments and ensure they really do express you who are, keep these four factors in mind.


Choose the Location With Care

Where will you have the piercing done? There are several places to consider. In some cases, maybe you don’t want to share it with everyone. If so, choose a location that only you and someone special will ever see.

The same goes for tattoos. When the subject matter is of a personal nature, you may not want the world to see it. A talented artist can create a tattoo just about anywhere. Like any professional, the artist will never say a word to anyone else.

If you settle on a location and later regret it, you can invest in one of two approaches to tattoo cover-ups. An artist can add elements that change the tattoo to something completely different. Another strategy is to have it removed completely.


Consider How the Change Will Impact Your Life

Think about where you go, who you see, and even where you work. Would opting for an oral piercing make things a bit awkward in any of those places or around those people? Is the discomfort worth moving forward with getting the piercing? Only you can provide an answer to those questions.

If you are sure that an oral piercing will allow you to continue enjoying the people and places that are part of your life, then move forward with the plan. If you’re not sure, perhaps you could go with a piercing in a more discreet area?

The ultimate goal is to ensure the piercing makes you happy. If one kind won’t accomplish that, a different kind might be just what you need.


The Design Matters Too

Design definitely matters when it comes to body art. Think long and hard about what type of tattoo you want before having the work done. Even though you could later alter the design or even have it removed, do you really want to come back and have to deal with one of these types of tattoo cover-ups? Take your time, be sure about the design and the colours, and you’ll still be loving that tattoo two or three decades from now.


Know How to Care For Your Piercing Properly

When it comes to piercings, always learn how to care for them properly. Do you know what changes to your dental hygiene should be made if you have an oral piercing? Should you remove the jewelry for cleaning now and then? A professional will help you understand what should be done to ensure the piercing is kept free of bacteria and the jewelry always looks great.

Spend some time at a local shop and learn all you can about different options for tattoos and piercings. Ask any questions that come to mind and take all the time you need to make a choice. If you are already experiencing tattoo regret, rest assured the artists can help you understand what’s involved with different kinds of tattoo cover-ups and which approach would be best.

Author: Ryan Yarbrough