4 Ways to Expand Your ECommerce Business Internationally


Do you have an e-commerce business you want to expand globally?With an uptick in cross-border shopping observed around the world, there’s never been a better time to make that plan a reality. Here are four ways you can expand your e-commerce business internationally and take it to the next level!


Develop A Solid Business Plan

 Your business plan is the roadmap for your international expansion. The plan should describe what type of international markets you want to reach out to, as well as determine the feasibility of the expansion.Also, the business plan can discuss what type of foreign distributor or cross-border digital strategy your business will need and what type of international parcel services will be utilized. The more detailed the business plan, the better your chances are for success!


Research Your Target Market

 Learn a few facts about the country you are interested in, and then ask yourself: does your target market reside in that country? You don’t have to totally immerse yourself in that country’s culture, but familiarize yourself with at least a few business terms. One of the terms used is Incoterms, which stands for International Commercial Terms, and another term used in e-commerce is product information management (PIM) which pertains to the information on your website.

In addition to your web presence, if you decide to visit the country in person, have your own interpreter. The objective is to see if your company’s products are a good fit to that country’s culture. You can observe how many sales channels are used in reaching your target country.


Obtain Financing

In order to expand internationally, you will need more capital. A bank can provide the capital, but this is where the aforementioned business plan is so important. Commercial loan officers usually request a detailed business plan from their loan applicant, and the business plan is also used to assess the financial health of your company. The loan officer will be analyzing your company’s return on investment (ROI) and the cash reserves. One way your company can build its cash reserves while expanding internationally is by saving money, and one example of saving money is using discounts on international shipping – which leads to…


Comparison Shop For A Shipping Service

 Having a reliable shipping service is very important when you are expanding your e-commerce business internationally, and the shipping service must provide international parcel services at a competitive, low rate. It is therefore imperative to choose the shipping service that can offer discounts on international shipping as an extra incentive to acquire your business.

These are four ways that can help your e-commerce business expand internationally. With the right business plan, a little bit of foreknowledge of the target country’s market, proper financing from a bank, and discount international shipping services, your business will be well on its way to expanding.It’s a big, wide world out there – why limit yourself to selling solely in your home country? Without the burden of a brick-and-mortar shop, the world is your oyster!

Author: Ryan Yarbrough