4 SEO Tips When Writing Articles for Your Online Business

marketing your online business

Whether you know it or not, every article you write and post to your site is an asset to your business. Each post’s primary goal should be to either attract potential customers or convert them into paying clients.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows the secret to writing SEO-effective articles. You can’t just throw a bunch of words together and expect them to go to work for you.

You need to do things right to start seeing the results you want. Below are 4 SEO tips you need to know when writing articles for your online business.

1. Start with Keyword Research

With any article you post on your site, you might as well take the few extra minutes to ensure Google indexes it in their system.

Start with Google Keyword Planner to find out what exact search terms your target audience is using. You should choose which ones to focus on depending on how big your site is at the moment.

A new or smaller site should aim to focus on keywords in the 100-1,000 monthly search range. Once you grow a little bigger, you can start focusing on 1,000 -10,000 monthly search keywords.

Using this strategy will help you to “ladder up” your SEO and actually be able to compete for the keywords you are targeting.

2. Put Those Keywords to Work

Back in the day, SEO was as simple as stuffing as many keywords as possible into your articles. Not anymore.

Google’s algorithms have become much more advanced and are penalizing websites that try to abuse the system in this way.

Instead, you should look to put your keywords into a few strategic locations: your article’s title, in section headers, once or twice throughout the body (preferably near the beginning), and then again in your post’s meta description.

3. Link to High Domain Authorities

In order to help build your own site’s domain authority, it’s important to link to other high-ranking sites in your articles.

You should plan to include at least 1-3 links to higher domain authorities throughout your posts. A Moz rank of 70 or higher is typically best practice. This can be found by installing the Mozbar Chrome extension to your browser.

While linking to other sites, you should pay special attention to the anchor link text, as it plays a role as well. For example, if you were going to link to Joinesty, a company that helps with online password management, then you may want to use anchor text such as password storage online when doing so.

4. Write Long-Form

Once again, the changes in Google’s algorithms have made it so shorter, easy to abuse articles don’t rank nearly as high as content packed with useful information.

As such, longer form posts, typically 1,000 words or greater, are now being highly cherished by Google and other search engines.

These longer posts give you the ability to provide as much value to your readers as possible, and they also allow you to squeeze in more long-tail keywords to boost your rankings.


SEO isn’t sexy, but it’s one of those things that everyone should know in order to make their online marketing efforts as effective as possible. Use the 4 tips you learned above the next time you write an article for your business.

Author: Susan Melony