4 Reasons Luxury Cars Are Better Than Their Standard Counterparts


In years of economic downturn, the market for luxury goods has always suffered somewhat, as fewer consumers are willing to shell out top dollar for them. Naturally, luxury cars have suffered the same trend. However, with the economy on the upswing, as it presently is, things seem to be going the other way, and luxury cars – especially those that meet the increasing demand for fuel economy – have witnessed a revival of interest.

Here in Toronto, there’s no shortage of dime-a-dozen luxury car dealerships offering average prices on luxury cars. If you are one of those people that can actually afford one, this isn’t such a bad thing; however, for those who are looking to save money, it can sometimes seem like your only option is a standard car. That’s not the case, though. If you can find a reputable dealership that offers leasing on luxury cars – AUTO ONE Group in Toronto pops to mind – that is definitely the way to go. Why go with a luxury car over its standard counterpart, you might ask? Here are four reasons!


1. Safety Features: 

This one is at the top of the list simply because it is by far the most important benefit when you buy or lease a luxury car. While most of the other options are intended to provide extra comfort or visual appeal, this one may save your life. Most luxury cars are equipped with superior safety features, such as electronic stability control, blind spot warning systems and superior brakes, to name just a few. When shopping around for a car for your family, luxury cars are the way to go.


2. Craftsmanship:

As a general rule, you get what you pay for. If you buy a car that is very cheap, there is probably a reason for its low price; more likely than not, the manufacturer cut a corner somewhere, sacrificing superior craftsmanship for low cost. When you buy a car that has been designed without these constraints, you know that they have taken the extra time and effort to do things right.



3. Image:

Whether we want to admit it or not, we all care about our image. While we may tell others that we don’t really care what they think, we all get a good feeling when we impress friends by driving up in something flashy. This has been scientifically backed up by studies that have shown that the most satisfied car buyers are those who buy expensive brands like Porsche and Tesla.


4. Entertainment: 

Most luxury cars come equipped with excellent stereo systems, as well as DVD players. If you are the kind of person who likes to customize with these things anyway, you might as well buy one that is already wellequipped. Of course, this option is less important than the others, but still worth consideration.

Whether you are from Toronto elsewhere, you should consider all the options before deciding what vehicle is right for you. You can’t go in and blindly believe that all luxury vehicles are going to be perfect for you, your tastes and your lifestyle. Consider what you value most in a vehicle and then do some research.

Author: Ryan Yarbrough