4 Practical Reasons to Buy Rather than Lease or Rent Your Commercial Cleaning Equipment


As a business owner, you have the responsibility of making sound decisions on what to buy, lease, or rent for the operation. That includes the commercial cleaning equipment. While there are advantages to renting or leasing, buying is often the best decision. Here are a few of the benefits you get to enjoy by purchasing floor polishers and other types of commercial cleaning equipment.


Lower Cost Over Time

Renting or leasing seems to be a good deal on the surface, since you are spending a smaller amount of money at a time. It may even make sense if you use a commercial vacuum or other floor cleaning equipment on an infrequent basis. If your team does utilize the equipment often, it won’t take long to justify an actual purchase. After just a few uses, the cost of ownership will be lower than the cost of renting.


Clean Whenever You Like

Renting on a per occasion basis means someone has to call to make sure the commercial vacuum is available, make the payment arrangements, and figure out how the unit will get to your place of business. That does take time and effort. Compare that to going straight to the area where you keep cleaning equipment and preparing the vacuum for use. It’s a lot less trouble to clean whenever you like, especially when there is a sudden cleaning job that needs immediate attention.


Finance and Have Access to More Powerful Equipment

One reason some business owners prefer renting or leasing is they are leery of buying floor polishers and similar equipment outright. The hesitancy comes from the purchase price. The thing to remember is that many dealers will finance the cost and divide it into a series of payments that fit into the budget easily. Those payments are likely to be less than renting or leasing the same equipment on a monthly basis.

Another perk is that you can likely finance the purchase of cleaning equipment that is more powerful and comes with more features than the models available for renting. Toss in the fact that you get a warranty and the deal suddenly looks more intriguing.


Control Over Repairs or Maintenance

If there is some type of repair needed, you don’t have to wait for the owner to come out and take care of your rented or leased commercial vacuum. The equipment belongs to you, and it’s easy enough to contact an authorized repair service and arrange for the repairs. Depending on the terms of the warranty and the polices of the service, you may even be able to borrow a vacuum while yours is in the shop.

These are only a few of the reasons to consider buying over renting or leasing. If you are in need of equipment like floor polishers or commercial vacuums, talk with a seller today. You may be surprised at how many other perks come with buying.

Author: Ryan Yarbrough