4 Mistakes When Choosing A Data Recovery Service


System crashes are a major concern. Every week in the United States, 140,000 hard drives crash. If your hard drive crashes, then you may need a data recovery service.

Unfortunately, some of these services are not nearly as dependable as others. Some services are a waste of money, while others well actually offer at the data recovery solutions you need and more. You need to be aware of the mistakes that cause people to purchase the wrong data recovery tools, so that you can actually get your money’s worth.

Here are some of the biggest mistakes people make. Avoid making them so that you can get the right software to restore your valuable files.

4 Mistakes When Choosing A Data Recovery Service

Filling to research the reputation of the software

I can’t tell you how many people purchase get a restoration software simply because they saw an interesting ad for one on Google. People are often so desperate to restore their lost files that they will purchase the first thing they find, because they hope that they can get their data restored as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, you will find that the quality of different data recovery solutions varies tremendously. You will quickly be able to weed out the low-quality software and narrow it down to the ones that have a good track record. You just need to spend some time researching sites like PC mag or CNET and look at the reviews, such as R-Studio review.

You should also research the industry credentials of each software. These credentials are only given to companies that produce high-quality data recovery products.

4 Mistakes When Choosing A Data Recovery Service

Not purchasing software that allows you to preview files

When your files are corrupted, deleted or otherwise not working properly, you often can’t figure out what the root problem is. You might try restoring a file that is badly corrupted or infected by malware. This is a potentially hazardous mistake, because that file could re-infect the rest of your system after it is restored.

You should choose a data recovery solution that allows you to preview files. You will be able to find out if there are any lingering problems on any files you intend to restore, so that you can patch them first.

4 Mistakes When Choosing A Data Recovery Service

Using a recovery tool that cannot handle SSD

The majority of applications are able to restore most types of data from traditional hard drives and flash drives. Things get a lot more complicated if you are trying to restore data for a modern SSD drive. These disks have very thin membranes, which makes it difficult to use primitive recovery software. Make sure that you find a solution that works better.

4 Mistakes When Choosing A Data Recovery Service

Choosing a data recovery tool that can only handle a couple problems

There are a number of different types of problems that can cause data loss. These include malware, damage to your disk, bad operating system upgrades and human error. These are just a few of the causes, but there are other less common problems that can be the culprit. Incompatible applications are another cause that is less common, but still leads to numerous hard drive crashes and destroyed files every year.

You need to choose a data recovery software that is capable of handling numerous types of problems. You may not know what the real cause of the data loss is. Even if you think that your files were lost due to physical trauma to your machine, you may find that the real cause was an infected malware file that you didn’t know about.

Find software that can handle many different types of data loss. This could be especially important if you lose data again in the future for another reason.

Author: Will Robins