4 Important Reasons to Offer Group Coverage Options to Your Employees


Provincial plans are wonderful in terms of covering the majority of the costs associated with many medical issues. Even so, employers would do well to consider offering group plans that provide additional benefits for their employees. Even if you own a smaller company, there are options like the Flexstyle group health plan to consider. Here are a few reasons why you should learn more about these benefits today.


Making the Most of Alternative Health Care Options

Many people find that alternative medical treatments provide the help they need in dealing with ailments. Unfortunately, not all of these alternatives are covered by provincial plans. When you decide to offer a Benecaid extended health care group plan to your employees, they do have the option of seeing a naturopath if they like. They can also avail themselves of the services offered by an acupuncturist or chiropractor.


Greater Management of Health Care Costs

Did you know that offering options like the Flexstyle group health plan can control costs for you and for the employees? These plans are structured to provide support while still keeping the cost within reason. Essentially, everyone ends up paying only for the services they use. From your end, there’s a simple fixed monthly payment to meet. It’s easy for you to budget, and your employees have the help they need paying for medical treatments not currently covered under the provincial plan.


More Financial Security for Your Employees

Even with the excellent provisions found in provincial health plans, people who experience serious health issues that take a longer period of time to resolve could find themselves in dire financial straits. You can help your employees avoid this possibility by offering a Benecaid extended health care plan to augment the provincial coverage. The plan can be structured with coverage limits on all sorts of benefits, ranging from vision to major medical. When you choose to set reasonable limits, you add another layer of financial security that your employees will appreciate.


Health Benefits and Employee Loyalty

Benefits beyond wages or salaries are one of the ways you show employees that their efforts are recognized and appreciated. They in turn are more likely to stay with you because of those benefits. Along with providing reasonable vacation time and sick days, it makes sense to include a Flexstyle group health plan in the mix. Doing so inspires more loyalty and will make it harder for the competition to lure your best employees away.

When you choose to include some type of health coverage in the benefits offered to your employees, everyone wins. The employees feel appreciated and more financially prepared for the unexpected, and you get the benefit of a lower employee turnover. If you don’t currently offer health coverage, today is the ideal time to take a look at a Benecaid extended health care plan. You’ll find it well worth the time and the effort.

Author: Ryan Yarbrough