4 Father’s Day Ideas For The Adventurous Dad


Late spring is coming up awfully soon here, and that means a few things: the weather’s going to continue getting hotter, students will be out for the summer, and dad is about to have his day in the sun (figuratively and literally). June 17th is a time when families come together to celebrate dad’s presence, his achievements and sacrifices. For many, this means a simple brunch excursion, as well as a few kind words and maybe a bottle of whiskey; but for the more adventurous dad, you’re going to want to shake things up a bit. Here are four awesome father’s day ideas for the thrill-seeking, fun-loving father in your life.

Axe Throwing At BATL

Chances are dad has gone shooting before, but has he gone axe throwing? Probably not. This Father’s Day put together an axe throwing party for dad and the family by booking a lane at the Backyard Axe Throwing League (BATL), where you’ll get instructions from an axe-throwing expert as well as a round-robin tournament space to test your skills. Chances are raising you wasn’t the easiest thing in the world, so give your dad a way to blow off some steam by splintering some axes through a wooden target.

Sky Diving Over The Sequatchie Valley

Once you’re finished obliterating some wooden targets, head to the Sequatchie Valley to jump out of a plane, the ultimate thrill-seeking excursion. Not only is this a sky diving a major adrenaline rush, but it’s a chance to take in that gorgeous Tennessee landscape – in other words, it’s both adventurous and relaxing. You’ll need to go through some instructions first, and for your first jump you’ll definitely be strapped to a professional, but it’s still totally worth it to see the look on dad’s face.


Jefferson St. Jazz And Blues Festival

Father’s Day weekend coincides with this amazing music festival, which has been shaking up late June since 1994. Set in the historically jazz-and-blues-heavy district of Jefferson St., this festival mixes culture, flare and some insanely good music, making it a perfect denouement to any Father’s Day evening. After all the excitement of axe throwing and sky diving, this is the perfect place to just unwind and take in some fantastic music.

Eating On A Nashville BBQ Crawl

Yes, you could go to just one BBQ restaurant, and have just one BBQ meal, but what’s the fun in that. Instead, go on a BBQ crawl of all the finest joints: Martin’s, Jack’s, Peg Leg, Edley’s… the list goes on. If you’re feeling super adventurous, you could even drive over to Memphis and get some BBQ there (although, why would you need to?). After a long day of activities, a big hearty meal or four is exactly what your dad will need. Just make sure to chase it all with an ample amount of beer.

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Father’s Day in Nashville doesn’t need to be a boring affair, spent trading niceties over brunch. Instead, show your dad how much you appreciate them by showing them an unconventional good time. It’s the least you can do for the man that raised you.

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Author: Ryan Yarbrough