4 Excellent Reasons to Travel On a Business Executive Jet


Growing a business often means making a trip on the spur of the moment. Essentially, you have to be ready to fly whenever a prospective client is ready to sign a contract. Making the trip on one of the business executive jets that you can charter is the only way to go. Here are four compelling reasons why you want to take a charter flight rather than risk taking a commercial flight.


No Long Lines

Even with contemporary check-in methods like kiosks and smartphone apps, there is still the need to stand in line at many airports. You really don’t have the time to do that. A better option is to charter a boeing aircraft for you and whomever else will be making the trip. Instead of a long line, you get to go right to the aircraft and get ready to start the journey.


Seats With More Room and Padding

It seems as if commercial airlines are doing their best to cram as many seats on each jet as possible. That means a lack of comfort for those who have to settle for those flights. As someone who is traveling on chartered business executive jets instead, that’s not an issue.

You get to enjoy seats that have ample room and plenty of cushioning. They also come with a reasonable amount of head and leg room. That will make the trip much more pleasant. You’ll also feel more rested by the time you reach your destination.


There’s Room to Work

Did you know that it’s not unusual for a chartered Boeing aircraft to have space set aside for meetings? That will come in handy if you have a team along who will be helping you prepare for that important meeting with the client. The ability to gather around a table, discuss key points of the upcoming meeting, and in general ensure everyone is on the same page will save a lot of time once the jet lands. It also means everyone feels more prepared and ready for whatever happens in that upcoming meeting.


The Food is Good Too

When traveling on business executive jets, there is no need to get by with a tiny packet of peanuts and half of a can of soda poured over a couple of ice cubes. Instead, you have the opportunity to enjoy a nice selection of beverages with plenty of foods. That’s helpful if you or someone in your party happens to live with food allergies or has to avoid certain foods because of a health issue.

In many cases, you can plan the meals at the same time you charter the jet. That ensures everyone is happy and that there is no temptation to grab airport food before you board.

Whenever you need to get to a client quickly, don’t settle for flying standby on a commercial flight. Talk with a reputable charter service and see what they can do to arrange a Boeing aircraft for your trip. You’ll get more done, be more comfortable, and feel completely rested and prepared for your upcoming meeting.

Author: Ryan Yarbrough