4 Events That Prompt Fitness Centre Owners to Change Software


If you’ve been thinking about parting ways with your current fitness business software, don’t feel alone. Every year, there are mindbody clients who decide that the time has come for a change. At times, it’s a combination of several issues, but it can also be one major problem that seems to be insurmountable. If any of these events have happened to you, it’s time to look for alternatives to your current software program.

Less Than Stellar Customer Support

No one expects software to work properly all the time. Glitches happen, but they should be relatively easy to resolve. What gets maddening is calling the mindbody phone number for help and ending up in what seems to be an endless loop of call transfers or suggestions that are of no help at all. Some business owners may find themselves more frustrated by the end of the call than they were when they first dialed the number. If that happens one time too many, start looking for a different fitness software package complete with more reliable support.

Recurring Problems With Software Features

There are features you really want to use, but they never seem to work. Calling the Mindbody phone number in an effort to get help doesn’t seem to get you anywhere. Even so, you are paying for some of those features every month. Do you want to keep paying for something that can’t be used? A better solution is to find a provider who offers software that really will work, and comes with support that can help when a minor issue arises.

Limited Capacity

Your older software was not bad when the client base included fewer people. With more clients on board, the software is beginning to function less efficiently. Before it begins to have a negative impact on your business, start considering your options. If it’s a matter of capacity, do what many Mindbody clients have done and find another wellness software package that can easily accommodate a larger number of customers.

Upgrades and Add-Ons Cause More Operational Issues

Upgrades are intended to improve software efficiency and maybe even add a feature or two. Add-ons are also supposed to provide additional functions in between new version releases. That sounds great, but what happens if those upgrades and add-ons end up causing problems for you or for your clients?

You would think that using the Mindbody phone number to call support would help you resolve those issues. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. You may find yourself coming up with some sort of manual workaround at your end instead of getting a solution from the software manufacturer. If that happens, start looking for another software package.

If you are among the Mindbody clients who believe there’s something better suited for your business on the market, start looking. Once you find a viable product, arrange for a trial and run it alongside your current software. At the end of the period, you may find that a change is definitely in order.

Author: Ryan Yarbrough