4 Advantages Of Switching To Electronic Faxing


Faxing has always been a major part of most businesses for years when it comes to sending and receiving personal documents, but these days, most businesses large and small alike are utilizing electronic fax server software rather than manual fax.

You might be wondering, what exactly is it about electronic faxing that makes it so much better than a traditional fax system? To answer this question for you, here are four advantages of switching to electronic faxing:

1. There’s Less Hardware Involved

The first advantage of switching to electronic faxing is that there’s just less hardware involved, which means less pieces of equipment are needed to occupy your desk and you’ll have more room for other things. In fact, all you really need is a good computer with internet connection in order to send a fax electronically. Speaking of internet connection…

2. You Can Use The Internet Instead Of A Phone Line

The next advantage of using electronic faxing is that you no longer need a separate phone line and can instead use the internet. Right off the bat, this will lower costs for your business as you don’t need to pay a separate phone bill each month. The fact that all you need is the internet means that you can send a fax from anywhere at any time. There are even apps you can use to send faxes while you’re on the go these days, which will prove to be extremely convenient.

3. It’s Eco-Friendly

The whole point to an electronic fax system is that you don’t need to use paper. This is yet another expense that you’ll be able to remove from your business and you’ll never have to be reliant on fax paper ever again. Furthermore, this will enable your business to become more eco-friendly in general and you’ll know that you’re doing a good service from that point of view.

4. Enhanced Security

A key concern to have with sending documents in general, regardless of how it’s done, is the security of those files. Since you’re directly receiving and sending your faxes through your email inbox, this will be intrinsically more secure than you or an employee having to manually pull a new fax print from a machine.

You then get to choose which faxes you want to print out for your employees to see, while ensuring that any sensitive or financial documents remain to yourself. Furthermore, electronic faxing utilizes built-in encryption software to encrypt your data during the transmission and ensure that your information remains protected. In contrast to this, traditional faxing means that your data can be sent to phone lines that are unsecured.

Electronic Faxing

Hopefully these four primary advantages to switching to electronic faxing have compelled you that it’s the right thing to do for your business. In doing so, your business will become more efficient and environmentally friendly, you’ll save a lot of money on costs, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your documents are fully secured.  

Author: Susan Melony