3 Ways To Earn Some Extra Money Without Getting Another Full-Time Job


When money’s tight, it can be hard to know how to change your situation in order to release some of the financial pressure you’re feeling. Especially if you already have a full-time job, you might be feeling very frustrated that you can’t seem to make ends meet for yourself. Luckily, there are some things you can try that will help you bring in a little more money without requiring you to get another full-time job on top of all the work you’re already doing. To show you some of your options, here are three ways to earn some extra money without getting another full-time job.

Become A Transcriptionist

If you have a computer at home and have built up your ability to type relatively fast, getting a job as a transcriptionist could be a great way to earn some extra money during the time you’d normally just be spending at home anyway. According to Murray Newlands, a contributor to Entrepreneur.com, transcriptionists can earn anywhere from $25 to $50 per hour for their work. And because this is work than can easily be done from home and just picked up whenever you have the time for it, it could be an amazing ways to earn when you need it and in a way that won’t disrupt your life.

Offer Your Time And Services

If you have any extra time or talents that you’re willing to share with others, this could be a great opportunity for you to create your own business based off of this service. According to The Penny Hoarder, these types of side hustles could range from anything from dog walker to house cleaning or selling things that you’ve created on your own. As long as you have some type of product or service that people are willing to pay you for, you can likely find some way to market yourself and then find clients or customers that can help you earn the extra change you’re hoping for.

Rent Out Your Belongings

Even if you don’t have any skills or abilities that others are in need of, you likely at least have some possessions that others may be willing to pay you to use for a period of time. Renting out all types of possessions has become a very popular and common thing to do recently. According to DaveRamsey.com, some of the most common possessions that people will rent out and that others are willing to rent include their homes, their cars, their baby gear, and almost any other belonging that they own.

If you’re looking to make some easy money during the hours that you’re not already working a full-time job, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find a side hustle that might work for you.

Author: Larry Alton

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