3 Reasons To Get Uniforms For Your Beer League


For many people of all walks of life, sports are an important reason for getting out of bed in the morning – they provide structure and a sense of team spirit, whether you’re merely a spectator or an enthusiastic player. No matter the sport, visibility matters when it comes to distinguishing between teams. As the following will outline, it’s useful to get a hold of uniforms for your team, no matter how serious your players or audience may be about the games themselves. Even a weeknight beer league can benefit from going that extra little mile – with clever names and custom-made logos. Not only will doing so help your game, it will help your morale on the field and at the bar after the game!

1. You Can Easily Make Your Team Feel Like A Family

Uniforms are a fantastic team motivator because they assist players during the actual games themselves – with the right colors and a memorable slogan, you’ll have the whole bench cheering you on!

PromoPays is your best bet when it comes to the creation of unique, durable uniforms. Not only will you have the option of showing off your creative side by rendering your own team logo, you’ll be able to do so for a reasonable amount of money. Get the whole team to pitch in, and you’ll have some killer gear and the winning attitude you need when you hit the field.

2. Uniforms Help You Get In The Game

When everyone on the team sports the same look, it’s easier to get into a winning mindset. Not only can you create exactly what your team will be wearing season after season, you can do so from the comfort of your own home. With our online Design Studio, you have control every step of the way – from selecting the actual apparel, all the way to the images and numbers that will be printed – even the font if you have something extra cool in mind. Having a fun logo and slogan on your custom made t shirts will make the entire season more enjoyable – and who knows, it may even give you that extra juice to make the playoffs.

3. Uniforms Bring Out Your Creative Side

Remember to choose the right colour — something in a dark navy or green for outdoor play (watch those grass stains!), or something lighter for indoor sports. Also, be sure to come up with a great slogan — something catchy and easy to chant. Remember, too that there is a fine art to naming your team. Consider any of the following to get everyone on the field laughing:

• Looking to Score
• Smokin’ Bases
• Beerly Legal
• Lebrontourage

Think about it — would you rather have your team show up ragtag, in mismatched outfits, or would you prefer your team to arrive decked out in badass gear that reflects your true personalities? It is quite literally a game-changer to be able to don a design that everyone on your side can delight in wearing.

Author: Ryan Yarbrough