3 Ideas for Squeezing More Mileage Out of Your Business’ Blog Content

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Whether you’re doing the legwork of your company blog yourself or you’re hiring others to do it on your behalf, content creation is a time-consuming process.

Coming up with ideas. Analyzing keywords. Optimizing, posting and promoting.

Each of these tasks takes time and special attention to detail; however, it’s the promotional piece that’s perhaps the most important. After all, your content is far too valuable to simply post to your blog and never speak of it again. If you want to realistically get the most mileage of your content to the point where it builds links and drives traffic, effective promotion is an absolute must-do.

One of the most overlooked aspects of content promotion is repurposing your blog posts. Sure, there’s a wealth of social media sites and platforms out there to push your content to the world. That said, they each come with their own set of specific rules and best practices if you want to actually see traction in terms of shares and comments.

Looking to squeeze more out of each and every blog post you create on behalf of your business? Keep the following proven ideas in mind in terms of promotion.

Turn Your Posts into Graphics

Keep in mind that social posts with images are noted to drive more shares, comments and general engagement. As such, it’s important to accompany any given blog post with some form of imagery.

For example, you can use a Facebook design template to visually hype up your post to catch the eyes of scrollers who might otherwise miss out on it. Similarly, you can create a graphic design around a catchy quote or idea in your blog post to reel in readers. These same rules apply to likes of Twitter and Pinterest where such images are all-the-rage.

Rethink Your Keywords and Links

Depending on your industry, platforms such as LinkedIn and Medium allow you to repost your unique blog posts in an attempt to reach a totally new audience. That said, such sites aren’t as relevant to content creators from an SEO perspective. If you’re targeting specific keywords or links that might sacrifice readability, it may be a good idea to remove them from those platforms to make your content more “natural.”

This tip also rings true on Facebook, where posts containing links are impacted by the platform’s algorithm. In many cases, it makes more sense to post your blog post as plain-text or within private Facebook groups if you want to receive the highest reach possible.

Come Up with Alternate Headlines

Regardless of where you decide to share your content, make sure to come up with catchy, alternate headlines for any given post. This keeps your content fresh in the eyes of your followers and provides opportunities to reel in readers who perhaps weren’t captivated by your SEO headlines. Some simple ideas for repurposing headlines include…

  • Rephrasing your headline in the form of a question (“Do You Know The Secret Hack To…?”)
  • Framing your content as a listicle, as lists typically receive a lot of shares via social (“Five Genius Ways To…”)
  • Presenting your blog to as a how-to or guide (“The Ultimate Guide to…”)

In short, when you aren’t confined to the rules of SEO, writing more compelling headlines becomes much easier.

Promoting your business’ content should be a top priority. By paying attention to these small details of promotion, you can set up your content for more engagement without doing too much legwork.

Author: Susan Melony