How to Prepare a Homecoming Style


How to Prepare a Homecoming Style

As homecoming season approaches, it starts to become a reality that you have to think about the style you love the most. You may be worried about your makeup or what dress you’re going to wear, but preparation is the key to a successful party look. Planning what dress you’ll rock on the dance floor as well as the shoes to match will allow all your homecoming worries to disappear. We’ve created this small guide on how you can prepare your homecoming style and be confident with your choices. We know it’s difficult to choose what you love the most sometimes, but homecoming has to be perfect, and we’re here to help you make it even better.


It’s possibly one of the hardest decisions of your teenagehood, you want it to look and feel great. There’s nothing better than standing in a room full of people and everyone saying how fabulous you look. Choose a homecoming dress that suits your figure, if you have an asset you like then make sure you flaunt it! Remember there are hundreds of dress designs, from off-the-shoulder chiffon, to perfect princess scooped dresses and so many more. JJ’s House has one of the biggest ranges of homecoming dresses if you’re struggling to find the ideal dress then scroll through for some inspiration.


To be a real princess, you have to make sure your composition is stunning. Every eyelash has to be in the right place, and your lipstick can’t be smudged. After you’ve chosen a dress or outfit to wear for homecoming you can plan your makeup. Perhaps you’re going to rock a red number? Red lipstick and some black staple shoes would be perfect. If you’re going for a dark coloured dress, then darker makeup and a nude lip is always the way to go. Yet, if you’re keeping the colour on your dress lighter, then a bold lip with a smoky eye will look perfect.


Homecoming calls for the most amazing shoes you’ve ever seen, they may not be high heels, but anything that looks great will do. Match your shoes with your outfit and makeup by either choosing a color similar or contrasting. If you want to make a statement with your homecoming outfit, then be sure to show it off with your shoes. Heels don’t have to be expensive either, they’re more than affordable for everyone if you look in the right places! Cover your toes or rock some sandal heels, it’s up to you. Customize your outfit as much as you like and let your personality shine through.


Do you prefer clutches or larger bags? Homecoming is the time to rock your favourite clutch or over-shoulder bag. You don’t want to spend all the time worrying about where your bag is when it could just be hanging over your shoulder! They’re small though so make sure you only take the essentials with you to homecoming. You don’t have to rock a bag either if you feel as though your dress and shoes are statements enough then ask to put your essentials in someone else’s clutch.

Other Accessories

We all love a little jewellery to show off our inner princess. Add some simple pieces to your homecoming outfit but don’t add anything too bold if your outfit is statement enough. Be sure to take care of them also!

We hope this guide has helped you as you’re now on your way to a beautiful homecoming you’re never going to forget. Put your new dress on, accessorize to the max, and head out the door! Everyone will turn their heads your way when they see you.

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