The 12 Most Reliable Appliance Brands

The 12 Most Reliable Appliance Brands

It can be very vexing when you spend thousands of dollars on a new home appliance only to call appliance repair services in just a few months or less.It gets even worse when you have an extremely sophisticated appliance and the repair technician doesn’t have a clue as to how to fix it. Even if it is covered under a warranty, it’s still too much of a hassle.

So when you buy an expensive appliance, its durability and reliability must be one of your main considerations. However, it’s not very easy to discern whether an appliance can last long without any issues. Many customer reviews focus on features. Very seldom do reviewers amend their reviews to report a breakdown several months later?

Fortunately, there is one major online seller that made an effort to track the reliability of the appliance brands they sell. They did this so that they could then sell fewer of the brands that often needed servicing. In the course of their tracking, they’ve also identified the most reliable appliance brands.

Here is a list of brands that require the least number of servicing, according to their data:


The seller sold almost 6,000 Whirlpool appliances, and they serviced fewer than 200 of them. The percentage of the units that require servicing is just over 3%. This isn’t new for Whirlpool, as they’ve been at the top of these lists for the last few years. It does help that most Whirlpool appliances sold are simple cooking ranges and laundry appliances along with top mount refrigerators. These are in general the more reliable appliances.


The seller has sold more than 500 of these appliances, yet only less than two-dozen were serviced. The service rate was less than 4%. Again, this is explained by the fact that Amana makes uncomplicated appliances such as dishwashers and microwave ovens. In general, these units don’t break down because they don’t really have sophisticated parts that can easily break down.


The service rate is a little over 5%, and that’s a good rate for a brand that seems to get a lot of online complaints. However, most people buy their laundry machines and they’re pretty reliable.


The Frigidaire brand is still among the most reliable in just about every appliance category. You can especially trust their cooking appliances, dishwashers, and simple refrigerators. You may want to refrain from buying the Pro and Gallery Collections, as the service rates for those units reach up to almost 20% for the first year.


If you’re looking for laundry appliances, you really should just stick to Maytag. These laundry appliances are especially reliable, and they also offer great support and easily accessible replacement parts.


Miele has grown bigger and now sells appliances for just about every appliance category. So you can expect its service rate to climb. However, the Miele brand is famous for the reliability of their laundry and dishwasher appliances. Only a handful of them will require servicing.


It’s a fairly reliable brand, and repair techs admit that whenever a Samsung product has problems they’re very easy to fix. The problem is that Samsung doesn’t really have a national service network.


Many are delighted with the overall design of Gaggenau appliances. But they’re not easy to install, and people have difficulty in operating their appliances at first. These are bound to result in more servicing requirements.

The best tip when you’re buying a new appliance is to stick with proven technology. Don’t be enticed by advanced features that make appliances more prone to servicing.

Author: Will Robins