10 Writing Skills All Entrepreneurs Need to Master


The rule you need to learn by heart is that writing skills are crucial for any entrepreneur. Reconsider your outlook on writing and the effect of words in business and your future career. In most cases, the benefits that words may lead to are amazing.

Being talented at in-person communication is definitely great, and no entrepreneur can do without it. Try and transfer these skills into writing and you will see what effects it will bring.

Professional academic writers from a custom writing company have made a list of top 10 writing skills you need to master if you want to develop, become more successful, and make others address you more frequently. Perhaps, you’ve heard some of them. Most likely, you have mastered a few.

What about the rest?

  1. Blogging.
  2. E-mail communication.
  3. Use keywords.
  4. Communicate in social media.
  5. Lose Passive voice and prepositions.
  6. Be brief.
  7. Be specific.
  8. Use bullets to simplify the presentation.
  9. Use grammar and spelling checking tools.
  10. Learn to create a business plan.

Let’s start from the very beginning and see how it works in real life and whether these skills can lead to any positive results.

Skill 1

Building a large online audience is crucial these days. This is how to grow the audience of committed and loyal customers or service users. Most small businesses grew and improved fast due to their presence online.

So, why not try becoming a blogger? In addition, to growing the potential audience, you also have a chance to turn into a real field expert: as you write about the goods or services, you do the market research, study characteristics, and talk with consumers figuring out what they like. That’s why it’s important to consider the improvement of blogging one of the key steps on your way to success.

Skill 2

E-mail communication, really? Well, actually yes. These days it is fairly regarded as an essential form of communication. There are numerous so-called e-mail partners/leads/clients that help the business develop.

A well-written email by an entrepreneur opens the door to an in-person meeting, and this is why this skill must be improved greatly. Forget about emails that turn to a science fiction novel. Learn to write electronic letters that are clear and direct. Believe it or not, this knowledge will make you a great favor.

Skill 3

Keywords are to be repeated constantly to develop engaging content. It needs practice because freshmen often jeopardize the page rank in the website’s search engine results. What words may be called keywords? Learn Google AdWords and explore Yoast, read the algorithms that will make more people read your content.

Skill 4

Don’t underestimate the role of social media. They are not just for teens chatting online but also for a growing business. If you say the wrong word online, that may lead to the damage to your website. Learn the techniques that attract customers, examine each word and sentence before publishing them.

Skill 5

Struggling with grammar is the weak point of many entrepreneurs. Though passive voice and prepositions are the part of the English language, you need to try to weed them out to make your text sound more specific and your writing becomes accurate. It takes much time, especially when such constructions are used in every-day life. But practice will bring results.

Skill 6

You may call yourself an effective entrepreneur if you are brief both in oral and written communications. Even if you hadn’t succeeded in that by now, there is a chance to master the skill. We suggest you follow the paramedic method: avoid meaningless buzzwords and perform triage on unwieldy constructions.

Skill 7

While writing, try to be specific and positive. Substitute the word combination ‘make sure you’ with ‘please, be sure you’. It allows you to sound clearer. Deliver the information, exact date and time instead of beating around the bush.

Skill 8

Never forget about bullets. They are useful to simplify the presentation of the necessary information. Even if you are presenting many useful data in your written piece, share it in sound bites that are short. This will allow a reader to scan the text quickly. Bullets are necessary for breaking the text. After reading it, a person will learn more and won’t omit any specific points.

Skill 9

Tools and software to check grammar and spelling are numerous. This is perhaps the fastest way to undermine your credibility. Show a reader (potential client, customer or business partner) that you are quite accurate and professional. Experts agree to the idea that even today a written word is the reflection of a writer’s reliability.

Skill 10

It’s okay to hire a professional to make a business plan for your business. However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and do it yourself. This is a chance to improve not just your writing skills but organizational too. Include and develop complex ideas, plan accordingly even if you are a poor writer: think how to develop your business, share ideas with stakeholders, and focus on promotion.

Any business requires really good writing. Many skills are to be not just mastered but also gradually improved. Alongside with worthy strategies and a strong will to develop, you need to improve your writing if success is your primary goal. Poor writing skills are disadvantageous because in this case, fewer investors will be interested in your goods and services.


Author: Jeanne

Jeanne San Pascual is a Marketing Manager at ContentHow and a freelance copywriter. In her roles, she wears a gamut of different hats—from running extensive marketing campaigns to writing copy that converts—all to ensure business success on the web. Visit her site to know more about her work and how she can help you!